Our York, PA homeowners knew how to turn an HVAC service call into an opportunity! They called Air Comfort Technologies because their old furnace was giving them trouble. Their heating bill kept going up, and the second floor was freezing — especially at night!

These problems had been getting worse and worse each winter. In fact, they never felt like the second floor was warm enough. No matter how high they turned up the thermostat, their toes were always cold when they went to sleep.

Our tech confirmed what our homeowners expected: Their heating and cooling system was on its last legs. But, they had the right idea calling us right away. Since it was still working, this wasn’t an emergency furnace repair call. So, they didn’t have to rush into buying a new unit.

With time on their side, our homeowners found a new model that was perfect for their home. After discussing their specific concerns with us, we helped them zero in on the American Standard Xv20i furnace.

In this case study, we’ll explore the warning signs that this furnace was failing and why their second floor was always too cold. Then, we’ll see why this new American Standard was the perfect fit for this York, PA home!

New American Standard HVAC System Makes Haines Acres House Feel Like Home
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Problem: The old furnace in a York, PA home was failing. But, even when it was working fine, it never heated the second floor very well. The family was always chilly at night.
Solution: Installed a American Standard variable speed condensing unit with a zoning panel. It uses much less energy than the old furnace, and it finally gets the bedrooms comfortable even at night!

Problems With The Old Heating And Cooling System

We got the initial call because the furnace in this York, PA home didn’t seem up to the task anymore. In particular, our homeowners noticed:

  • Weaker Air Circulation
  • Colder Temperatures
  • Higher Energy Bills

To sum it up, the furnace seemed to be doing a lot less but was using a lot more gas to do it. When those first few utility bills rolled in, our homeowners knew something was up.

These problems are common in furnaces over ten years old. And, since our homeowners had gotten regular maintenance done on theirs, this particular unit had made it all the way to 16 before showing significant signs of wear.

Why Do I Need a Heater Tune-Up?
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And, these [problems are typical. Even a well-maintained unit starts breaking down eventually. The first clue was the colder temperatures: even though the thermostat was set to 68 degrees, the house never reached that setting.

As our homeowners noticed the problem, they investigated a little. They realized there wasn’t as much air coming through the vents as normal.

As the components wear down, an older heating and cooling system just can’t keep up. And, weaker air circulation means less heat throughout the house. Meanwhile, the system was still pushing as hard as it could. That’s why the gas bill went up: It was working harder but doing less.

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Why The Bedrooms Were Always Cold In This York, PA Home

Failing furnace or not, our homeowners told us the bedrooms in this York, PA home were always too cold — even when the system was working fine.

This is another problem we see a lot, and it’s not the fault of this particular furnace. Instead, it’s a common circumstance with forced-air systems.

There were two problems: The system didn’t have enough pressure to reach every part of this 1,800 square-foot house. It uses pressure to push the air through the ductwork. But, that pressure only goes so far. The further you get from the heating and cooling system, the weaker it is.

And, the second floor — especially the master bedroom — was the furthest spot in the house from the furnace. That meant those rooms weren’t getting the same treatment as downstairs. But, the system had no way to account for that.

Since the thermostat is on the first floor, it only measures the temperature where it’s located. Once the living room was warm enough, the system shut off. That left the upstairs too cold all the time.

Fortunately, our homeowners found a system that tackled both these problems — and saves them money on each month’s energy bill!

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Benefits Of A American Standard Heater In A York, PA Home

The new American Standard Xv20i variable-speed furnace with a zoning panel we installed in this York, PA home, was just what our homeowners needed! In particular, this model heats the second floor separately while using less energy overall.

New Furnace Finally Heats Third Floor (And Saves Money)! - York, PAZoned HVAC

As an add-on to this already-powerful system, we installed a zoning panel to treat the second floor. Zoned HVAC is when you divide your home into zones and treat each one individually. That’s a big difference for the second floor, especially in a house like this.

Remember, the problem was one thermostat controlling the entire house. With the zoning panel, we were able to put in a second thermostat upstairs. Now, the furnace can dedicate heating to the second floor without necessarily heating the downstairs. That finally gets the temperature even across the house.

American Standard AC Installation Eliminates “Upstairs Too Hot” In Annville, PA
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Energy Efficiency

American Standard Xv20i Installation In York, PAThe other big benefit here is energy efficiency thanks to the variable speed feature. Unlike traditional HVAC systems, this American Standard furnace can run in a low-power mode. That’s different from models that are either off completely or running at full blast — no in-between.

With lower speed options, this heater can maintain the temperature much more consistently than a system that cycles on and off a few times an hour. Most furnaces wait until the temperature dips to come roaring on and correct the temperature.

But, turning on and off requires a lot of energy. And, it’s always playing catching when it gets a little chilly. With the variable speed model, our homeowners get the temperature they want all the time. And, their gas bill is lower because this feature requires less power to run!

The Cost Of A American Standard HVAC System Near York, PA

HVAC Service In York, PA

Don’t ignore the warning signs of a failing heater! If you suspect anything wrong with your furnace in or around York, PA, call Air Comfort Technologies today! We’ll do everything we can to keep you comfortable. And, if the answer is a new furnace, we’ll help you find one that works better than your old one ever did.

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