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From Mitsubishi Electric® Ductless

From problem rooms to the whole-house, Mitsubishi Electric® ductless heating and cooling is a great comfort solution for York, PA homes. No room for ductwork? Hot and cold spots in your home? No problem. Ductless is flexible enough for any situation.

Mitsubishi® Ductless Cools

Recognized worldwide as the best air conditioner on the market.

Mitsubishi® Ductless Heats

Efficient, reliable heating down to -13° F.


How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work?

Ductless efficiently heats and cools your home and can be configured as a single or multi-zone system. Click the button to learn more about how split systems work.

How Does Ductless Compare?

Window Units VS. Ductless

window ac unit icon
  • Loud and Noisy
  • Lose a Window
  • Only Provides Cooling
  • Traditional Energy Hogs
  • Home Security Risk
ductless ac icon
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Keep That Window
  • Cools and Heats
  • Energy Efficient
  • No Home Security Risk

Traditional Systems VS. Ductless

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  • Requires Bulky Ductwork
  • Whole-House Solution
  • Long Ductwork Install
  • Not a Flexible Option
  • Ducts Require Cleaning
ductless ac icon
  • Doesn't Need Ductwork
  • Zoning Available
  • Quick and Easy Install
  • Small and Flexible
  • No Ducts to Maintain

A Haven of Comfort

Turn your room, zone or whole-home into a haven of comfort.

Ductless systems use three different indoor unit types; a high wall unit, a low wall unit and a ducted ceiling cassette - great for customizing the comfort in your home.

Because ductless units are versatile in size, install location and style, they are a perfect solution for most home comfort needs.

Mitsubishi® ductless gives homeowners control over the temperature in each room, allowing them to personalize their comfort.

Ductless At Home

Ductless systems are a great choice for any kind of home or application. But, there are some situations where ductless clearly outshines the competition...

old home icon row home icon new home icon

Older and Historic Homes

Don't muck up the aesthetics of your older or historic home. Ductless doesn't require the bulky ductwork of traditional systems keeping the charm of your beautiful home intact.

Old And Historic Homes

Row and Townhomes

Row and townhomes are typically short on the additional space needed for the ductwork of a traditional heating and cooling system, making ductless a no-brainer.

Row And Townhomes

Ideal For Single Room and Other Applications

Sometimes a single zone is all you need:

attic space

Attics Basements

Inevitably, your attic basement will be too warm or cool.

office space

Additions and Renovations

An extension of your existing HVAC system.



Why not enjoy, what may be, the nicest room in the house all year long?



Make your storage and workspace comfortable during any season.

Ductless Advantages for the Whole Family

The advantages of Mitsubishi Electric® ductless systems go way beyond just comfortable heating and cooling.

It all starts with a simple, money-saving installation. And, the savings don’t stop there. Ductless offers multiple ways to lower your monthly utility bills.

While ductless is super-efficient and eliminates the need for costly fossil fuels, it’s also cleaning the air you breathe via a multi-stage filtration process.

Ductless Advantages

See Installations Air Comfort Technologies has Done in and Around Your Neighborhood

From Camp Hill to York, we've served the area of Manchester, PA for years!

Mini-Split Makes Home Office Comfortable (and Quiet) in York, Pa

home office

Problem: Our homeowner’s home office was always a little chilly in the winter. Then, in the summer, he had to choose between sweating or using a loud window AC that also cost a lot to run.

Solution: A single-zone Mitsubishi mini-split with a wall-mounted air handler. It provides excellent, energy-efficient heating and cooling and is virtually silent.

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Ductless Mini-Split Eliminates Hot and Cold Spots in Dover, PA Home

Couple sitting in house

Problem: The homeowner loved her classic split-level ranch home in Dover, PA. But, heating and cooling it was always a challenge. There were hot and cold spots throughout the house and rooms that never felt quite right.

Solution: A multi-zone Mitsubishi mini-split. Ductless heating and cooling provide each area of the house with customized comfort!

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Single-zone Mini-Split Heats and Cools Garage Rec Room: Hanover, PA

family on couch

Problem: The Hanover, PA homeowners turned their garage into a rec room, but it gets too cold in the winter and really hot during the summer. They wanted to use it year-round but needed to add heating and cooling.

Solution: A single-zone Mitsubishi mini-split. The power of a furnace and central air system with heating and cooling to keep this room perfectly comfortable in any weather.

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woman thinking

Sounds great. But, what is something like this going to cost me?

Smart question! While the cost of a ductless installation will vary depending on your home’s individual needs, we’ve written an article that will give you a good idea of how much to budget for.

Keep in mind, besides the total cost of a ductless installation, you may qualify for rebates from your energy provider or Mitsubishi. We can help you get the best deal!
Financing is also available.

Cost of Ductless Article


Aside from the energy you’ll be saving with a more efficient system, you could be eligible for state and local rebates as well as rebates from Mitsubishi® during select promotional times.


You don't need to break your budget in order to make your home comfortable with ductless. Air Comfort Technologies helps its customers with financing every day and we can help you too.