What is the cost of a new Trane HVAC system near York, PA?

The cost of a new Trane air conditioning system near York, PA ranges from $3,400 for entry-level models to $18,000 for the strongest, most energy-efficient, top-of-the-line unit. These prices include installation. When choosing a model, you should consider your personal needs, your home layout, and more.

In this article, we’ll go over the points you should take into account when choosing a new air conditioner. For starters, though, you’ll also need a professional to do a load calculation to determine what strength air conditioner you need.

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The load calculation takes the size and layout of your home into account, along with the insulation and airflow. This way, you don’t end up with an AC that’s too strong or too weak. Either one — yes, even a unit that’s bigger than you need — will make your home less comfortable. And they’re more likely to break down years earlier than they should.

But beyond the size, there’s still a wide range of options and features for you to choose from. We’ll go through what to think about. If you have any questions or are ready to talk with a professional about a new cooling system in your York, PA home, call or email us here at Air Comfort Technologies.

You’ve probably had your previous air conditioner for a decade or more (we’ll go over the average lifespans of ACs later). It’s likely your household has changed over that time: new children on the way, older kids moving out, maybe elderly parents moving in. Now’s a chance to rethink your home comfort.

What do the people who live with you now want? Is air quality a more significant concern now if there’s a baby, older parent, or someone with respiratory issues living with you? Or, are you looking to spend less each month on your electric bill?

Different models offer various features. It’s a lot to take in all at once. But, if you go into the decision-making process, knowing what you and your family want, the right ones will pop out at you.

What have you always wanted to fix?

Getting a new air conditioner is a home improvement opportunity. If you’re renovating or building an addition, you’ll also redesign your cooling system. Or, if it’s simply time for a new AC, take stock of any shortcomings you’ve had with your cooling in the past.

During the design phase of a renovation or addition, you can enhance your home comfort and add even more value to your home. A Trane air conditioner goes a long way. They’re comfortable, energy-efficient, and built to last. And, you can match these with other state-of-the-art HVAC systems.

Meanwhile, even a simple replacement has opportunities. Has the master bedroom always been too hot in the summer? Does the living room with the vaulted ceiling look great but often feel too humid? Is the cooling okay, but people’s asthma and allergy symptoms flare up when they’re in the house?

Your new Trane air conditioner can help with problems like these. You can choose a model that focuses on indoor air quality features, for instance. Or, have your contractor design a setup that addresses uneven heating and cooling.

Should I Replace My Air Conditioner or Upgrade?

Of course, you can quickly find a new air conditioner that matches the specs of your old one. Even this way, a comparable Trane model will likely last longer than your old one. Or, you can upgrade to something that works better and brings down your energy bills.

If you’ve had your old system for years, you’ll immediately see savings on your electric bill. ACs lose efficiency over time, and new models use less energy than older ones. Compare the SEER rating on your old system to any of the new ones you’re considering.

You can also increase your efficiency with a hybrid setup. The climate in Pennsylvania is right for a ductless mini-split heat pump HVAC system. These are significantly more energy-efficient than conventional forced-air furnaces. And, you can “top off” your cooling with a mini-split — a great way to finally fix that one problem room.

How’s Your Ductwork?

The condition of existing ductwork is often overlooked when considering the move to upgrade to a higher-efficiency HVAC system.

You can install the latest-and-greatest air conditioner, but you won’t get the promised results if the ducts in your home are old, leaky, or poorly designed. And, without a professional assessment, you’ll never know if this is causing a problem. Even any issues you can spot with a visible inspection are hidden behind drywall.

Ensuring your ductwork is tight (meaning air isn’t escaping along the way) and optimized for your home enhances your comfort and helps lower your bills.

How Long Does a Trane Air Conditioner Last?

Homeowners who get regular maintenance for their Trane air conditioners can see a model last up to 15 or 20 years — more than the 10-to-12-year average for other AC condensers. But age isn’t the only consideration. Efficiency comes into play as well. Trane comes out on top in that regard, too.

Trane’s durability and efficiency both stem from rigorous requirements. They’re designed with spine-fin coils that won’t corrode, and they have covers that protect the unit without messing with the exhaust.

Literally, every compressor gets put through 12 weeks of ClimaTuff testing. Trane subjects each to days of triple-digit temperatures, then days of subzero weather including snow and sleet. Compressors that don’t make it don’t get sold.

These requirements mean your new Trane AC will last. It will retain its efficiency — meaning, you won’t see your electric bill climb higher and higher each year.

On average, a central air system loses five percent of its efficiency each year. It’s why replacing a decade-old compressor can save you up to 40 percent on your cooling costs. But, a Trane AC loses five percent of its efficiency over its entire lifetime.

Cost of a Trane Air Conditioner Replacement in York, PA

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