Every summer, we here at Comfort Air Technologies get calls about a particular, very annoying problem: The upstairs rooms are way too hot, even with the air conditioner on. In the case of this Annville, PA home, the cause was a little different than usual. Fortunately, it still had a simple solution. 

In this case study, we’ll briefly discuss the most common reasons upstairs rooms, especially bedrooms, are too hot in the summer. Then we’ll see what was going on here in particular. 

Finally, we’ll see how a new American Standard air conditioner solved the problem. 

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Problem: The air conditioner in this Annville, PA home wasn’t strong enough for the house. The upstairs was easily ten degrees hotter than downstairs. 

Solution: Installed a new American Standard air conditioner that’s strong enough to treat the entire home, plus an Air Scrubber to improve indoor air quality. 

Why the Second Floor is Always Hotter than Downstairs 

The two main reasons upstairs rooms are always hotter than downstairs is that hot air naturally rises, and there’s only one thermostat for the entire house. Put both of these together, and a bedroom can become unbearable in the summer. 

Of course, hot air rises in the winter, too. But the difference is that, when it’s cold out, it keeps rising. According to physics, warmth is attracted to colder air. So, any heating finds its way out of the house to reach the cold air outside. 

In the summer, you’ve got hot air naturally moving to the second floor. But, outside, the sun beats down on the roof. That causes the heat from the first floor to collect upstairs — it’s got nowhere else to go. 

Meanwhile, your central air isn’t doing anything about it. That’s because the thermostat is on the first floor, and it’s much cooler down there. So, the system turns off once the living room or dining room is comfortable — despite the bedroom feeling like a sweat lodge. 
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Problems With Weak Air Conditioning in an Annville, PA Home

Unfortunately, these two factors were only part of the problem in this Annville, PA home. On top of all that, the AC in the house just wasn’t strong enough to do the job. Before the current homeowners moved in, whoever installed it did a lousy job with the load calculation. 

At Air Comfort, at least, we take a lot of time before offering any specific cooling products to our homeowners. The first step is an exhaustive audit and load calculation. We take into account the size of the home, the airflow, the number of windows, and many other factors. 

Then, we use our formulas to determine what size and strength you need for your air conditioner. Too big, and it will never cool or dehumidify appropriately because it will keep turning off. Too small, and you’re still too hot. Either way, the system will likely burn out early from improper use. 

So, our first step in this home was determining what size system our homeowners actually needed. Then, we helped them choose the right one for their home, their needs, and their budget. 
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Saving Money on a American Standard AC Installation in Annville, PA

Not only would our homeowner’s new American Standard AC installation provide reliable comfort for years to come. It also cost less than they expected. Let’s look at both of these here. 

First, there’s the reliability. May you’ve heard the slogan, “You Can’t Stop a American Standard.” It’s pretty accurate — especially when it comes to the outdoor compressor. 

American Standard puts each one of these parts through a rigorous 12-week test. During that time, each unit gets exposed to freezing cold, scorching heat, snow, rain, and saltwater. If they break down, they never make it out of the factory. 

That means any unit you get has less than a one-percent chance of breaking down. Now, not only do our Annville, PA homeowners have a system that’s up to the task. They also have one that’s guaranteed to go the distance. 

The reliability also extends to performance: These systems maintain the exact temperature our homeowners want, all the time. And yes, that means treating the upstairs, too. 

With that in place, there was one more concern to address. 

How an Air Scrubber Improves Indoor Air Quality

Since we were there to improve this home’s comfort, our homeowners also had some questions about their indoor air quality. They knew once summer hit, the windows would be closed almost all the time. Then, they’d be trading in fresh air for cool air. Was there a way to get both

We discussed a few options for making the air “feel” better, even when the windows are closed. After all, this wasn’t just a summer problem: You end up with stale air during the winter, too. 

In the summer, you’re dealing with pollen and possibly mold, along with the usual dirt and dust you track in. There are more contaminants around in the air when the weather is warm. However, no matter the season, your air quality suffers when the windows are closed. Then, you can’t use fresh air to sweep out all those pollutants. 

So, our homeowners opted for an AirScrubber. It’s a specialized filter and air purifier that we attach directly to the home’s HVAC system. 

It works automatically, just like you don’t manually turn your heater or central air on and off. And it does a fantastic job. 

First, the strong filter traps and captures tiny, tiny particles, including mold spores and even viruses. Then, the system uses UV light to neutralize and eradicate them. Now, even with the windows closed, our homeowners breathe much, much easier with all that junk taken care of. 

If you’re tired of settling for high humidity and sleepless summer nights, call or email us today at Air Comfort Technologies. Starting with a free consultation, we’ll help you find the right solutions to make your Central Pennsylvania home more comfortable than ever before!
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