We were happy to welcome this young couple to Central Pennsylvania. The homeowners moved to Haines Acres in East York all the way from Florida. It was a long way from where they used to live, and they were concerned about the cold winters we have in York, PA. We knew right away that a new Trane HVAC system would make their new place cozier than Florida. Okay, that’s a stretch, I admit.



Okay, you’re thinking: Does a heating and cooling system make that big a difference? Well, in this case, it certainly did. 

When the homeowners moved in knew they’d need a new furnace and air conditioner, and after years of comfortably using a Trane system down in the Sunshine State, they knew exactly what they wanted when they came to Pennsylvania.

They found out about us through the Trane website because we’re a certified Trane dealer. When they saw our great reviews, they felt confident about picking up the phone. And we hope they weren’t disappointed. 

In this case study, we’ll look at the benefits of the Trane air conditioner and furnace they picked out. And, we’ll see how we helped them save money on a special offer. Finally, we’ll go into the finishing touch they added to improve their indoor air quality. 

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Problem: New homeowners in Haines Acres wanted to replace the old furnace and improve the air quality in their new Haines Acres home. Their former home in Florida had a Trane furnace that they loved. 

Solution: Our homeowners saved $1,500 thanks to a Trane promotional offer in Central PA. Installed the new furnace and AC along with an Aerus AirScrubber to improve indoor air quality. 

Benefits of a Trane Furnace and Air Conditioner

Let’s start with why our homeowners wanted something similar to their old home. The benefits of a Trane furnace and air conditioner setup include: 

  1. Sturdy, reliable outdoor components
  2. Increased comfort inside
  3. Lower energy bills year-round

Sturdy, reliable outdoor components

When it comes to Trane, adjectives such as “sturdy” and “reliable” don’t do these air conditioners justice. They’re so strong that the company made up its own name: ClimaTuff. 

Okay, it probably sounds like we’re hyping this a little too much. But, it’s hard not to, even if just for the insanely rigorous testing the company does on its ACs. 

They take each compressor — literally every single one — and put it through a 12-week testing process. During that time, they’re exposed to rain, snow, saltwater, and alternating extreme hot and cold temperatures. If they break down, they don’t get sold. 

As a result, Trane compresses have a .01 percent chance of failure. When you’re talking about the outdoor component of your cooling system, where it’s exposed to the elements, that’s a pretty big deal. 

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Increased Comfort Inside

While every outdoor unit can withstand apocalyptic conditions, inside, you’re cool and comfortable in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Trane uses all sorts of innovative and proprietary parts and technology to make sure their heaters and ACs provide the exact temperature you want all the time. 

Part of it is inverter technology. That’s where, instead of just switching on or off, the system uses different levels of power to maintain the temperature precisely, all the time. And, they use special coils that transfer heat much more effectively. 

It also helps that they only use Trane parts in each model. Many other brands all use the same compressors, which means those integral parts weren’t built with that exact model in mind. It’s a detail that makes a big difference. 
Trane AC Systems

Lower energy bills year-round

All these extra steps don’t just make you more comfortable. They also reduce your utility bills. Thanks to the rigid testing and energy efficiency, Trane products often cost less to run than other brands. 

And, they stay that way — unlike other brands. Most furnaces and ACs begin losing efficiency almost instantly. After a few years, your gas or electric bill starts creeping higher and higher. But, Trane products maintain their effectiveness for much longer. So, you keep your bills low even as the system gets older. 

Saving Money on a New Furnace and AC InstallationReplacing The Old System With A New Trane Made Their Home Far More Comfortable

It’s no wonder our new Haines Acres homeowners wanted to go with Trane again. And, we made it easier than ever by offering a cash incentive. At the time, Trane offered a $1,500 rebate on a new system. 

We made sure our homeowners took advantage of that along with some easy financing. That knocked a significant chunk off the bottom line. And, they’ll only pay a little bit each month for their new system. 

Improving Indoor Air Quality in Haines, PA

The last step here was improving their indoor air quality. It’s a hot topic, especially with everything going on these days. Even before 2020, people on average spent about 90 percent of their time indoors. Now, they’re spending almost all their time at home. 

We walked through a few different ways to keep the air in their new home clean. After thinking through a few options, they settled on the Air Scrubber by Aerus. 

In some ways, the Air Scrubber works like the regular one-inch filter that anyone with a forced-air system uses: as tiny particles pass through, the filters capture them. But, the Air Scrubber does much, much more. 

First, the Aerus filter is much finer than the off-the-shelf one you use on a furnace. That means it catches much smaller particles, including mold spores, bacteria, even viruses. If you put a filter like that directly on your system, the furnace or AC wouldn’t be strong enough to push air through it. 

More importantly, it also uses UV light to eradicate many particles as they pass through. It’s a much more active approach than just catching and keeping those contaminants all in one place. 

The result of all this is the air feeling much cleaner. Our homeowners now literally breathe more comfortably with less indoor pollution.

Whether you’re new to Central PA or have lived here all your life, Air Comfort can help you find the HVAC system that keeps your home comfortable, your bills low, and your air clean. And, we’ll make sure you pay as little as possible. Call or email us today for a consultation. 
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