American Standard HVAC Offers Convenience, Comfort & Cost-Savings In Wrightsville, PAMoving is hectic enough without a major appliance failure! Unfortunately for our homeowners in Wrightsville, PA, that’s precisely what happened: The heating and cooling system broke down soon after they moved into their new house. To make matters worse, the first contractor they called couldn’t help them. 

But, their luck began to turn around thanks to a call to Air Comfort Technologies. We couldn’t save their furnace, but we did identify the problem. And, once our homeowners knew what was happening, they were able to choose a new system that would save them a lot of money in the long run. 

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In this case study, we’ll look at the features that made the American Standard Xv20i variable-speed heating and cooling system the best option for this home — both in terms of cost and comfort. 

Problem: The older heating and cooling system in this Wrightsville, PA home suffered a compressor failure. It wasn’t worth the money to fix. 

Solution: Installed a new American Standard Xv20i variable-speed condenser with a two-stage variable-speed 96-percent-efficient gas furnace with WiFi-connected controller.

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Compressor Failure In An Older Heating And Cooling System

After some investigation, we found the problem with the older heating and cooling system in this Wrightsville, PA home: The compressor had failed on the condenser. It looked to be the result of a coolant leak. When the system tried to run without coolant, it didn’t work. 

We’re not sure why the first contractor couldn’t handle it, to be honest. Maybe they were just too busy or didn’t want to be the bearer of bad news. 

That news was that it was time to replace the system. The repairs would already be a lot of money to sink into an old system. But, on top of that, this system used old R-22 coolant. It’s no longer in production, which it makes very expensive if you can find it. 

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When we told the homeowners, they were understandably frustrated. But, they were also optimistic about their options for a new system. And, they had the right idea: Their new American Standard system runs circles around the old one, even when that heating and cooling system was in its prime!

HVAC garageBenefits Of A American Standard Xv20i Heating And Cooling System

The American Standard Xv20i heating and cooling system is one of the best on the market today! The benefits include: 

  • Outstanding Durability
  • Wi-Fi Control
  • Variable Speed For Even Temperatures
  • Cost-Saving Energy-Efficiency

Outstanding Durability

The first big benefit boils down to peace of mind. In our experience, American Standard systems outlast just about anything else on the market. Each system gets put through a rigorous six-month test that exposes it to extreme temperatures and elements. If they don’t last, they don’t get sold. 

As a result, these heaters and ACs don’t degrade nearly as quickly as other brands over time. That’s especially important when you’re thinking about outdoor condenser units. With other brands, you’ll also see your utility bills creep up every year as the system loses efficiency. That just doesn’t happen with American Standard. 

Durability was important for our homeowners here, because they dealt with the frustration of buying a new heating and cooling system soon after purchasing a house.

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Wi-Fi Control

Our homeowners also opted for the American Standard ComfortLink XL1050 controller. It links their thermostat and controls to their smart devices. Like the smart thermostats you see advertised now, this allows our homeowners to monitor energy usage and make adjustments from anywhere that they have an internet connection. 

And, since it’s American Standard proprietary equipment, it does the job even better than a third-party product. Sure, the big names in smart thermostats do a great job. But, pairing a Train heating and cooling system with a American Standard control means closer control and better communication. 

Variable Speed For Even Temperatures

AC outside

A variable-speed furnace has more settings than just “Off” and “Full Power” like traditional HVAC systems. Instead, the American Standard Xv20i runs at multiple speeds. This way, it keeps the temperature much more consistent. 

Regular systems click on once the temperature drifts away from the thermostat’s setting. Then, it over-compensates so that your house takes longer to drift again. The result is temperature swings. 

In the winter, for instance, the system won’t turn on until it’s too cold. Then, it runs until the house is a few degrees hotter than you want it. This process repeats over and over again. 

With variable speed, the American Standard furnace runs in the low-power mode most of the time. This way, it maintains the temperature instead of roaring on to get rid of a chill. 

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Cost-Saving Energy-Efficiency

The durability and variable speed do more than make this Wrightsville, PA home more comfortable than before. It also saves the homeowners a lot of money on their monthly bills. 

Since the system doesn’t lose efficiency over time, they don’t use more gas each winter or more electricity each summer. And, the variable speed feature means much less energy use: It takes a lot to keep turning the system on and off, just like your car uses more gas when you’re stopping and starting in the city versus cruising on the highway. 

This was a big deal for our homeowners. They appreciated the long-term benefits of this system. And, they didn’t mind the upfront investment because of it. Well, that and one more financial advantage. 

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Rebates For Energy-Efficient American Standard Heating And Cooling Systems

The American Standard Xv20i does such a great job of conserving energy that we could save our homeowners an additional $200 on their upfront cost. These savings came thanks to a rebate through Met-Ed.

Like electric companies throughout the country, Met-Ed offers financial incentives to homeowners who install energy-efficient appliances in their homes. We knew the American Standard system met the requirements, and so we made sure the homeowner had all the paperwork they needed to have the cash rebate sent directly to their home! 

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HVAC Service In Wrightsville, PA

Don’t ignore the warning signs of a failing heating and cooling system! Call Air Comfort Technology for HVAC service in Wrightsville, PA, before a small problem gets worse. No matter what’s going on, you can trust us to make your home as comfortable as possible, as soon as possible.

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