Our homeowners knew something was wrong the first week it got warm in Mount Wolf, PA. They turned on their air conditioner, but hot air came through the vents. Unfortunately, they started the summer with an emergency AC repair call, but made the most of the situation in the end. 

The problem turned out to be a coolant leak, and if this were a much newer unit, there wouldn’t be much more to tell. Unfortunately, they’d had the current system for 16 years. It was installed when the home was built, and was likely on its way out anyway. But, they still had to act fast since the summer was already starting to heat up!

Fortunately, they called Air Comfort and were back up and running in no time. 

In this case study, we’ll see why coolant leaks are a much bigger deal in air conditioners older than ten years old than in newer models. Then, we’ll look at how our homeowners saved a lot of money on their new system. 

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Problem: An older air conditioner was not cooling the house. The problem was a coolant leak, but the system used R22 freon, which is now out of production. As a result, the system was not worth repairing. 

Solution: The homeowners took advantage of a promotional offer from Trane that offered zero-interest financing for 60 months. They replaced the air conditioner and got a furnace upgrade, too. 

Coolant Leaks in Older Air Conditioners

Fixing a coolant leak is usually a straightforward job: Find the problem, patch it up, and recharge the unit. However, the problem with older units is that they R22 coolant, or freon, which is no longer in production

22In 2010, the EPA began a 10-year process phasing out the production and use of freon in small steps. Starting that year, all new units used R410a coolant instead. The phase-out concluded in 2020; today, no manufacturers are allowed to produce R22. 

As a result, we started seeing prices climb in early 2020. It’s much more expensive than it was last year, and it is a lot harder to get. Because of this, we often have to recommend a new unit when an AC condenser when one that’s older than ten years old springs a leak. 

While it’s simple enough to patch it up, the cost of R22 makes it too expensive.

And, unfortunately, we can’t use R410A or another coolant in its place, because air conditioners can only use the type of coolant they were designed for. It would end up costing more to fix the leak, retrofit the system, and recharge it entirely with another refrigerant than buying a whole new setup. 

This is the unfortunate situation our Mount Wolfe, PA homeowners found themselves in. But, they turned it into an excellent opportunity to upgrade their heating and cooling system for significantly less money than they expected. 
Trane AC Systems

Furnace and AC Installation in Mount Wolf, PA

Once our Mount Wolf homeowners realized they needed to replace their cooling system, they decided to make the most of the situation. In this case, that meant overhauling their entire HVAC setup with a new furnace and AC installation. 

In this case, there was more than one silver lining. First, their old AC already wasn’t working nearly as well as it used to. Their house was not getting as cool as it should anymore, and their electric bill was getting higher each summer. And, they were starting to notice similar problems with the heat in the winter. 

This scenario is fairly typical for systems that are more than a decade old. It only takes a few years to stop operating with the same efficiency as when they were new. Each year, they need a little more and a little more power to do the job right. 

Now, with a promotional offer for financing plus a price break by getting all the work done at once, our homeowners decided to take their summer problem and make it into an all-seasons solution.
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Benefits of a Trane Gas Furnace and Air ConditionerThis Trane Outdoor Condenser Will Push The Cooled Air Inside

While the old system our homeowners used lost its efficiency a little each year, their new Trane setup will last for years and years. Trane has an outstanding reputation for making products that maintain their efficiency over the years, much better than other brands. 

As a result, our homeowners won’t see their utility bills rise little by little each year because of their equipment. And, they won’t worry about the outdoor AC condenser wearing out nearly as fast. 

Trane uses proprietary Climatuff equipment in their ACs. They built these units to withstand months of triple-digit temperatures, and then months of sub-zero freezes. 
Trane AC Systems

Zero-Percent Interest on Trane Furnace and AC ReplacementA Trane Furnace Will Keep This Mount Wolf Home Cool All Winter

Once our homeowners decided on a new system, we went to work making it as easy as possible to get it installed. The answer here was taking advantage of a Trane promotional offer: Zero-percent interest for 60 months on their new system. 

Now, our homeowners will have year-round comfort with the peace of mind that their new system can withstand anything the weather throws at it. And, with zero interest, they combine lower monthly payments with lower gas and electric bills. 

If you’re having trouble with your furnace or AC in Mount Wolf, PA, or anywhere near or around York, PA, call Air Comfort today. We’ll make sure your home is comfortable again as soon as possible. And, wherever we can, we’ll help you save money and feel confident that your system will last you for years to come. 
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