Decorative: Groundhog with a top hatIt was like the movie Groundhog Day only in the spring: Each May, our Stewartstown, PA homeowners would turn on the central air conditioning. And, each June, they’d call us for AC repair. 

It was always something with this system: It wouldn’t push enough air, it would shut off too soon, or stop working altogether. Even more frustrating than the constant repair calls was that their system was barely a decade old!

For homeowners who did everything right in terms of maintenance and care, this almost did more to get them steamed than a broken-down AC in the middle of the summer. 

This year, enough was enough. Instead of waiting for another breakdown, our homeowners called us for an air conditioner replacement during the off-season. With plenty of time to weigh their options, they went with a new system that’s guaranteed to outperform what they’ve put up with over the last few years. 

In this case study, we’ll quickly go over some of the common problems our homeowners experienced. Then, we’ll dive deep into their replacement: The American Standard XV18. You’ll learn how much more comfortable — and relaxed! — they are in the summer now, and why it works so well.

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Problem: Stewartstown homeowners were tired of their air conditioner breaking down every summer. The system was only ten years old and shouldn’t have this many problems.

Solution: Upgraded to a American Standard XV18 variable-speed air conditioner. It uses less energy, provides better comfort, and is guaranteed to go much longer without a breakdown.

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Common Central Air Problems

Every summer, our Stewartstown homeowners noticed these common central air problems — until they upgraded their system, of course: 

  • House Was Too Humid 
  • System Turned On And Off Too Quickly
  • AC Wouldn’t Turn On At All

Let’s look briefly at why these problems occur.

House Was Too Humid

Before our homeowners noticed the heat, they noticed the humidity. When their system wasn’t working right, the temperature and the humidity would rise. It happens because removing moisture from the air is a crucial step in the cooling process. 

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Decorative: Woman Fanning Herself In House That's Too HotSystem Turned On And Off Too Quickly

A short-cycling air conditioner is one that keeps turning on and off without keeping the house cool. In this case, we noticed some significant wear and tear on the compressor. That presented us a chicken-or-the-egg question: Was it short-cycling because of the worn-out part, or did the short-cycling cause the excess wear-and-tear? 

Either way, it’s an expensive repair. We communicated this on a visit and did our best to remedy the situation. We also let the homeowners know they should start considering a replacement. Sure enough, things got worse. 

AC Wouldn’t Turn On At All

Last summer, we started getting AC repair calls because the system wouldn’t turn on at all! This time, it was the electrical system. Our hunch was that the constant short-cycling took its toll on the relays. Either way, our homeowners had had enough! 

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American Standard XV18 Variable Speed Air Conditioner Replacement In Stewartstown, PAUpgrading To A American Standard XV18 Variable-Speed Air Conditioner

Our homeowners went with a American Standard XV18 variable-speed air conditioner because they knew it would make their home more comfortable than ever before while also lowering their electric bill. And, they’d have peace of mind like never before.

In this section, we’ll get into what variable speed means and explain how this new system: 

  • Makes The Home More Comfortable
  • Lowers Energy Bills
  • Doesn’t Break Down 

How does it do it? Let’s find out!

Makes The Home More Comfortable

This home doesn’t have the high humidity problems anymore. Our homeowners don’t even notice the slight temperature swings they’d get even when their old system was in great shape. The secret here is the variable speed feature. Here’s how it works. 

Instead of only clicking on or off, the American Standard XV18 can run in different settings. When you only need a little bit of treatment, this AC runs at a slower speed than full blast. As a result, you’re always getting customized cooling. 

But there’s more! The American Standard doesn’t have to wait for the temperature to rise too high, then send a blast of cold air to fix the drift. Instead, it spends most of the time in low-power mode to maintain an even temperature. That means less clicking on and off, no temperature swings, and –most importantly — consistent cooling day and night. 

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Lowers Energy Bills

You’d think all that “extra” work to make the home more comfortable would mean the American Standard uses more electricity. But, the opposite is true: variable speed ACs lower the electric bill!

The secret here again is that low-power mode. Low power doesn’t just mean the fan is moving slower. It also requires less energy to run as a result. On top of that, the system uses a lot of power just to click on — which conventional systems do a few times an hour. 

With variable-speed, you get rid of that extra energy surge when it stays in low-power mode. Think of it like cruise control on your car, only for your HVAC system instead.


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Doesn’t Break Down 

Corporate slogan time! The catchphrase here is “Nothing Stops A American Standard.” And, it’s a pretty accurate statement. Part of this is, once again, the variable-speed feature. The other is the borderline ludicrous testing each American Standard system endures. 

Going back to the cruise control analogy: The brakes on your car last longer when you drive on the highway or country roads versus stopping and starting all the time in the city. The same applies to your AC. 

All the clicking on and off adds a lot of wear and tear. Turning on and staying on helps the parts last longer. And, those parts are built to last. If they’re not, they never make it out of the factory. 

Every American Standard system goes through months of enduring testing. We’re talking two weeks of triple-digit temperatures followed by two weeks of sub-zero climate complete with snow and ice. Then, repeat the process a few times. 

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American Standard has rooms set up in their factories that create these conditions, and if a system doesn’t last, it doesn’t go to market. As a result, these systems are engineered to be the most durable out there.

In fact, this fact was the clincher for our homeowners in Stewartstown. They loved the comfort and lower energy bills, but knowing they had a system that wouldn’t require constant AC repair calls made all the difference.

Air Conditioner Replacement in Stewartstown, PA

Are you tired of your home feeling too hot and humid in the summer — even with the AC running? Air Comfort Technologies is here to help! Whether you need service or an air conditioner replacement in your Stewartstown, PA home, we’ll make sure whatever system you have keeps you comfortable all summer long. 

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