Ductless Mini-Splits Heat And Cool This Dover PA HomeCall our homeowner old-fashioned, but her split-level ranch in Dover, PA was the kind of home she’d always dreamed of having: That perfect slice of suburbia on a beautiful tree-lined street with plenty of room for a growing family. 

 The only problem was keeping it comfortable. 

Split-level homes are notoriously difficult to heat and cool. The layout causes heat to drift and collect in weird places, creating hot and cold spots. And, with just one thermostat, the system can’t account for all the temperature differences. 

But, for as much as this house represented the good old days, our homeowner wasn’t afraid to use the latest and greatest in HVAC technology to make her home feel as good as it looked. Although she hadn’t heard of ductless heating and cooling before calling Air Comfort Technologies, it wasn’t long before she was sure a mini-split was the right choice. 

In this case study, we’ll explore:

  • Why Split-Level Homes Have Hot And Cold Spots
  • How Ductless Heating And Cooling Treats The Entire Home
  • More Benefits Of Mitsubishi Mini-Splits In Dover, PA Homes

Four Big Benefits Of Ductless Mini-Splits

Problem: Our homeowner loved her quaint, classic split-level ranch home in Dover, PA. But, heating and cooling it was always a challenge. There were hot and cold spots throughout the house and rooms that never felt quite right. 

Solution: Installed a multi-zone Mitsubishi mini-split. With ductless heating and cooling, each area of the house gets customized HVAC treatment for comfortable, even temperatures in each room! 

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Why Split-Level Homes Have Hot And Cold Spots

Split-level homes often have hot and cold spots because they often have a large footprint, making it challenging for the air to circulate correctly. And the different levels cause heat to collect in various areas. 

One of the most significant differences is the room sizes when comparing pre-war homes to suburban split-levels and ranches. Back when HVAC systems weren’t as strong, the older homes are smaller and so easier to heat — anyone vent doesn’t have to push the air too far. 

The suburban boom of the 50s and 60s brought larger, more enticing homes and improved heating and cooling systems. Even the best forced-air systems often still can’t push enough air to heat or cool some of the larger rooms in these homes. 

Then, you have non-symmetrical layouts and multiple levels in these homes. Unlike vertical, symmetrical rowhomes or colonials, the heat doesn’t just rise straight up. Instead, it travels through the house and collects in various spaces, depending on the ductwork layout. 

 These problems are made worse by the fact that there’s only one thermostat controlling the entire house. It can’t account for, say, a bedroom that’s colder in the winter than the living room. Once the thermostat reaches its call, the heater shuts off, even if the second story isn’t nearly as warm. 

That’s where Mitsubishi ductless mini-splits come in — and make a huge difference. 

How Ductless Heating And Cooling Treats The Entire Home

How Ductless WorksDuctless heating and cooling treats the entire home by heating and cooling different rooms individually. It’s a multi-zone system, where you have different units working independently so that each room gets the exact amount of heating and cooling it needs. 

To understand how this works and why it’s effective, let’s quickly go through how a mini-split is set up. 

 Outside, you have the heat pump. Consider this a furnace and AC condenser in one small unit. It transfers heat in or out of the house, depending on the season. Inside the house, you have air handlers in each “zone” that either gathers heat from the room to cool it off or circulates the warmth when you need heating. All you need to connect the two is a small, flexible lineset that runs through the walls like your electrical service. 

At What Temperatures Will a Heat Pump Work?

Now, here’s where it gets interesting: The entire system is totally customizable. You can use just one air handler for a single problem room or add up to eight on a single heat pump to treat the entire house (most homes don’t need that many). 

And each indoor unit has a built-in thermostat. That means each room, or zone, has a gauge regulating the temperature in that immediate area. That means no more hot and cold spots! If the master bedroom is colder than the dining room, then the master bedroom gets more heat than the downstairs zone. 

Our homeowner can now set each air handler to the same temperature for an “even” feel across the house. She can also program them all differently if she prefers the bedroom warmer or cooler than the common areas, for instance. 

This was the final touch to really make this house feel like her dream come true. And, there’s still more! 

Mitsubishi Mini-Split Installation In Dover, PA 

If you’re looking for the best way to finally eliminate hot and cold spots in your Dover, PA home, call or email Air Comfort Technologies today for a free consultation! We’ll find out more about your vision and your home and help you find the perfect solution. 
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