Ductless mini-split ac

Make your Hanover, PA home more comfortable with Mitsibushi ductless heating and cooling! Ductless has the solutions for all your home problems whether you’re dealing with that one problem room or want to upgrade your whole-home! No ductwork? No problem! These systems fit into — and fix — any situation!

Mitsubishi® Ductless Cools

Mitsubishi mini-splits are recognized worldwide as the industry leader!

Mitsubishi® Ductless Heats

Efficient, reliable heating down to -13° F.


How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work?

Ductless heating and cooling use a heat pump and air handlers in a mini-split setup. Inside your home, the air handlers circulate the air to efficiently heat and cool each room. You can choose between a single-zone setup for one room, or a multi-zone setup with more air handlers. To learn more, click below!

How Does Ductless Compare?

Window Units VS. Ductless

window ac unit icon
  • Huge Electric Bills
  • Completely Blocks
    Out Window
  • Super Noisy
  • Increases Security Risk
  • Only Cools Your Home
ductless ac icon
  • Quiet Operation
  • Don't Take Up
  • No Security Risk
  • Save Money on Electric Bill
  • Heating and Cooling

Traditional Systems VS. Ductless

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  • Expensive Installation
  • Bulky Ductwork
  • Requires Constant
    Maintenance and Cleaning
  • No Flexibility
  • Only Treats the Entire Home
ductless ac icon
  • No Ductwork Required!
  • Fast and Affordable Installation
  • Little to No Maintenance
  • Capable of Single-zone
    and Multi-zone
  • Flexible, Customizable Designs

A Haven of Comfort

Ductless heating and cooling can make every room super comfortable. The Mitsubishi mini-split gives you the ability to control the temperature of each room in your home. You no longer have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your home to be comfortable!

Ductless offer all types of indoor units, including recessed ceiling cassettes and high-wall or low-wall units. You can pick whatever type of unit that looks best in your home.

You can find the perfect solution for your home by picking from the many different styles and models that are offered.

Ductless At Home

Ductless Heating And Cooling First In Every Kind Of Hanover, PA Home!

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Older and Historic Homes

You don't need to install any new construction to your home because mini-splits do not require ductwork. You no longer have to compromise the appearance of your home to make it feel comfortable!

Old And Historic Homes

Row and Townhomes

Since townhouses and rowhomes often lack the space to install ductwork, mini-splits are the perfect solution to heat & cool your home without taking up too much room!

Row And Townhomes

Great For Single Room and Other Applications

Sometimes a single-zone is all you need:

attic space

Basements and Attics

Basements and attics tend to be either too hot or too cold.

office space

Additions and Renovations

Make the newest part of your home super comfortable.



Make your sunroom into an all-seasons room.



Create climate control to maximize comfort for your storage area or workspace.

Ductless Advantages for Everyone at Home

Top-of-the-line heat and AC are not the only things that Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling offers.

First, there’s installation: Quick, easy, and inexpensive. And, once you have your new system, you’ll notice lower energy bills right away!

Mini-splits are incredibly effective. Your system will no longer burn expensive fossil fuels to heat and cool your home. Also, the multi-stage filtration process makes the air cleaner than any conventional system on the market today.

Ductless Advantages

See Installations Air Comfort Technologies has Done in and Around Your Neighborhood

From Camp Hill to York, we've served the area of Manchester, PA for years!

Mini-Split Makes Home Office Comfortable (and Quiet) in York, Pa

home office

Problem: Our homeowner’s home office was always a little chilly in the winter. Then, in the summer, he had to choose between sweating or using a loud window AC that also cost a lot to run.

Solution: A single-zone Mitsubishi mini-split with a wall-mounted air handler. It provides excellent, energy-efficient heating and cooling and is virtually silent.

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Ductless Mini-Split Eliminates Hot and Cold Spots in Dover, PA Home

Couple sitting in house

Problem: The homeowner loved her classic split-level ranch home in Dover, PA. But, heating and cooling it was always a challenge. There were hot and cold spots throughout the house and rooms that never felt quite right.

Solution: A multi-zone Mitsubishi mini-split. Ductless heating and cooling provide each area of the house with customized comfort!

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Single-zone Mini-Split Heats and Cools Garage Rec Room: Hanover, PA

family on couch

Problem: The Hanover, PA homeowners turned their garage into a rec room, but it gets too cold in the winter and really hot during the summer. They wanted to use it year-round but needed to add heating and cooling.

Solution: A single-zone Mitsubishi mini-split. The power of a furnace and central air system with heating and cooling to keep this room perfectly comfortable in any weather.

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Sounds Great. But, What Does It Cost?

Good question! There are many factors that determine the cost of your mini-split, including the number of rooms you need to treat. You can learn more about pricing and start preparing your budget by reading our article in the link below.

While you’re adding it all up, remember that ductless heating and cooling usually qualify for rebates from your local energy provider. And, Mitsubishi offers cashback offers during promotional periods. When you’re ready to choose, we also offer financing and will help you find the best deals.

Cost of Ductless Article


Mitsubishi mini-splits qualify for statewide and local rebates in Pennsylvania. Also, during promotional periods, you get more offers directly from Mitsubishi.


We are here to help you get the most affordable price for ductless heating and cooling. Air Comfort will find the best offers and provide financing to make sure your home is comfortable and energy-efficient without spending a fortune.