Would you like to replace the furnace in your Camp Hill, PA, home with a heat pump? Homeowners make that switch all the time and are usually content. Here are four benefits of switching your furnace for a heat pump:

Heat Pumps are More Energy-Efficient Than Furnaces

A heat pump moves air from one location to another. When you need heat, the system removes warmth from the outside air and brings it inside. And when you need cool air, it reverses the process.

The process the system uses doesn’t require a lot of energy. When compared to furnaces, heat pumps lower energy bills.

Heating is Consistent

Heat pumps are better at providing consistent heating when compared to a furnace. An HVAC system with a furnace can generate uneven temperatures. These reasons can include many things, such as the unit being too big or too small. Heat pumps with variable-speed motors can provide precise heating around the clock without frequent cycling.

Heat Pumps Are Two-in-One Systems

Heat pumps serve as a source of heating and cooling. They remove the need to purchase a furnace and an air conditioner. Homeowners who want an all-in-one system often choose to install heat pumps.

Less Noise Than a Furnace

Heat pumps make some noise when in operation. But unless the noise is excessive, there’s no cause for alarm.

When compared to a furnace, the heat pump’s indoor and outdoor components are quieter. Some homeowners say a heat pump is no louder than light rainfall or a normal conversation.

Contact Air Comfort Technologies to learn about switching from a furnace to a heat pump. We can install an energy-efficient and high-quality system at your request. You can also speak with us about heat pump repair, replacement and maintenance.

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