R 22 causing homeowners a headache

Having an air conditioner on the fritz is bad enough. But, finding out there’s an even bigger problem lurking in your ductwork is even more frustrating. Fortunately, our homeowner in PA, made the right call when her AC started acting up. As a result, she solved all her problems quickly and for less money than she imagined. 

It all started when the air conditioner didn’t do what it was supposed to when she turned it on. The system kicked in, but warm air came through the vents. This turned out to be a coolant leak on an older R 22 system , which required a different solution than if it were less than ten years old. 

While fixing that problem, our techs located — and handled — a significant indoor air quality concern. 

There was a lot for our homeowner to consider at once. Fortunately, her one call to Air Comfort Technologies put her on the path to straightening out all of it. 

Trane AC Systems

Problem: A 12-year-old AC condenser was leaking coolant. Since R22 coolant is no longer in production, it wasn’t cost-effective to repair. 

Solution: Installed a new Trane AC and furnace using a promotion offering zero interest for 72 months. Cleaned mold from ductwork and installed Air Scrubber to prevent it from coming back. 

22How the R22 Phase Out Affects Older ACs in PA

For decades, air conditioner manufacturers have used R22 coolant in air conditioners. The refrigerant is a crucial part of the cooling process. Things got a little complicated when the EPA began phasing it out in 2010 because of its harmful effects on the environment. Now, people with older ACs have more to consider when there was a problem with their unit. 

Starting in 2010, no new ACs used R22 or freon. But, that meant all the older units still used it. And, you couldn’t replace it with R410A, the coolant in the newer models. Then, in 2020, all R22 production stopped completely. 

That means that now we’re dealing with a limited and dwindling supply. And, of course, the cost increases as it becomes scarce. At this point, it’s usually not cost-effective anymore to recharge an old unit. 

It’s mostly a numbers game: If an AC in PA, is already ten years old or older, then it’s not going to last much longer. Usually, you’d consider anything past 12 years old as officially on borrowed time. 

At that point, you have to consider the cost to find and repair the leak. Then, there are extra charges for freon. And, that’s if there’s any in the area. And, when you’re dealing with an emergency AC repair, you don’t want to be waiting around for some to become available. 

Unless there’s a tiny, tiny leak that we catch early, it would cost more than the unit’s value to fix and recharge it. Even if you did lay out the cash, you’re likely throwing good money after bad: the system will only need replacement anyway in a year or two. 

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Replacing an AC and Furnace in PA

Once we walked our homeowner through all these factors, she opted for a new AC system. And, she took advantage of a zero-interest offer from Trane to upgrade her heater at the same time. 

We’ll get into the benefit of those systems — and that offer — a little further down. But first, we wanted to tell you about why this job turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 

Cleaning and Preventing Mold in Ductwork

Once we got to work in this Gettysburg home, we discovered another problem: Mold, and lots of it. The ductwork was downright infested, and by now, it was affecting the home’s indoor air quality. 

Fortunately, this was an easy enough fix. We cleaned out the ductwork and made sure there were no signs of it left — no mold, no spores, nothing. 

Of course, our homeowner wanted to make sure she never has this problem again. And, we had just the solution for her. 

AirScrubber by Aerus Prevents Mold in Ductwork

We recommended the Air Scrubber by Aerus to make sure mold never took hold in her ductwork again. It’s a powerful filter that we attach directly to the HVAC system, so it treats the entire house. And, it does a far better job than the usual one-inch filters you put on your heater. 

The AirScrubber catches particles much, much smaller than what an off-the-shelf filter handles. This way, it blocks mold spores from traveling through the system, landing in ductwork, and coming out of your vents. 

If you tried to buy a filter this strong and put it right into your system, things would stop working. Those screens are so strong that the furnace or AC wouldn’t be able to push air through it. 

But, the Air Scrubber account for that. So, you get the best of both worlds: Amazing filtration without affecting your air circulation. 

Air Conditioning

This Trane Outdoor Condenser Is Designed To Withstand Extreme ConditionsTrane Furnace and AC Installation With Zero Interest for 72 Months

Finally, let’s go back to the furnace and AC installation, and all the benefits that come with it. First, of course, is our homeowner’s great deal: Easy monthly payments with no interest for 72 months or six years. Now, our homeowner pays off her new HVAC system little by little. 

Next, she has peace of mind knowing her utility bills will be lower. She doesn’t have to worry about repairs, especially when it comes to the outdoor AC unit. 

Trane air conditioners use ClimaTuff parts. These are built to last in more extreme temperatures than you’d ever see in Pennsylvania. These parts are subjected to months of sub-zero temperatures and then months of triple-digit heat. Trane tests the units, and if they don’t meet those standards, they don’t go on the market. 

That doesn’t only mean fewer repairs. It also means paying less over time. 

Here’s how that works: Just about every heater and air conditioner on the system needs more and more energy every year to do the same job. Thanks to even normal wear and tear, you’ll start seeing slight increases on your gas or electric bill every month your heater or AC is on, respectively. 

The Trane Heating System Keeps The House Warm All WinterAnd, those increases get steeper and steeper as time goes on — unless, of course, you’ve installed Trane. 

Just as the ClimaTuff parts can withstand extremes, Trane builds their heaters and ACs to maintain their efficiency for longer than the competition. So, our homeowners have more than just small monthly payments for their new system. They’ll also have lower utility bills during the years they’re paying it off. 

If you’re considering a new HVAC system, or if your current system is acting up, call or email us at Air Comfort today. We’ll make sure you find the best system — and best financing— for your home and budget.

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