Winter is coming even if the temperature outside is still a cool seventy degrees. It is time to prepare while it feels air-conditioned outside and before it feels like Antarctica with feet of snow covering home and outside decor.

Covering Until The Next Season

Most homes have an outside heating and cooling system.  Ensuring they work as the new season turns is essential, which means preparation and protection. Overlaying your unit with a plastic or vinyl covering is essential in the upkeep of your unit. Air conditioner maintenance does not stop because you have put it out of use.

Discard Debris

The majority of outside heating and cooling system gather foliage and debris over the seasons, and people are unaware it damages their external appliance.  Leaves, branches, and forgotten grass clog systems and make them useless for both winter and summer. Clearing out the obstacles and nuisances before covering a unit saves a huge, future expenditure.

Staying In-Tune

Even though you will use your air and heat unit as fall and winter evolve, heater maintenance is essential to ensure you stay warm during the deepest parts of winter. This may include a heating tune-up and heat pump maintenance.  The discarding of debris is not enough to keep your heater running smoothly during the coldest months.

Free The Filter

Replacing unit filters is often overlooked because it is not always a visible issue. However, if you want to be warm in the winter, the filter is a primary way to winterize your home heating and cooling systems. Filters catch more than debris.  The filters are responsible for sucking air in, purifying, and blowing it back out inside of your home. Dust, dirt, and air-borne pollen clogs up unit filters without the homeowner knowing why their unit has ceased to work.

Summer is over, and fall is here. Nights will begin to get cooler until the days are as cold. Winterizing a home system is critical for your comfort and safety during the depths of winter.  It never fails that your heater will stop on the coldest day. Heating tune-up and preparations may also be too much for you to remedy alone. At Air Comfort Technologies, our mission is to assist our customers in winterizing their outside unit. Assisting and preparing is the utmost goal to alleviate the stress and danger in preparation by utilizing our family-owned heating and cooling services company located in York, PA.


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