A new HVAC system could be one of the more expensive investments you may make in your York, PA, home. However, it’s often wiser to replace your HVAC system instead of investing more money into one repair after another. Here are four factors to consider when you’re deciding whether to replace or repair your HVAC system:


HVAC systems don’t last forever. As they edge toward the end of their lives, they generally need more frequent and expensive repairs. Parts wear out, and components may show signs of rust or cracks. If your HVAC system is more than 10 years old and has not been professionally tuned up each year, it could be time to replace it.

Energy Costs

As your HVAC system gets older, it’ll become less efficient. Choosing to replace it instead of repairing it is smart because you will immediately see lower energy costs. Newer HVAC systems come packed with comfort-enhancing and energy-saving features.

Repair Frequency

You might think you are saving money by repairing instead of replacing your HVAC system. However, those small repairs add up and will only increase as your HVAC system ages. The money that you would spend on future repairs could be better spent on a new HVAC system that you’ll need anyway in a few years.


HVAC systems make some sounds. But as they age, you’ll notice louder noises. Today’s HVAC systems are quieter during operation, providing a more pleasant indoor environment. Consider opting for an HVAC system with a variable speed motor.

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