There’s Not Enough Hot Air Coming Through My VentsIf you don’t have enough hot air coming through the vents in your home in the winter, you may have an air circulation issue. If it’s always been a problem, the heater may not be the right size for your home. 

In some cases, it’s an easy fix that you can handle yourself. Other problems will require a professional. And, in extreme cases, you’ll need a new system altogether. 

In this article, we’ll go through the common causes of weak air circulation from your HVAC system in the winter. Then, we’ll cover what you can do to take care of the problem. 

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Five Reasons Your Heater Has Weak Air Circulation

Here are the four leading causes for weak air circulation in your home during the winter:

  • Air Filter Is Clogged

  • Heater Needs Servicing

  • Ductwork Leaks

  • Too Much Static Pressure 

  • Heater Is Too Small

Air Filter Is Clogged

A Dirty Air Filter Can Clog And Become A ProblemWhen your air filter collects too much dust, dirt, and debris, it will begin restricting airflow through your system. On the one hand, the filter’s job is to trap all those tiny particles, so they don’t get inside the furnace and cause problems. On the other hand, too much build-up causes a problem. 

What To Do 

This is the best place to start when you notice weak air circulation. That’s because this is a fast, easy and inexpensive fix. And, it’s something you should be doing anyway. 

To start, pull the filter out from its slot on your heater. There’s usually an opening for it on the side of the system near the floor. Occasionally, you’ll see a model with the filter on top where the system meets the ductwork. 

If the screen is gray instead of white, it’s got way too much dirt. Replace it with a new one and see if that solves the problem. If so, remember to change it out more often, and you’ll avoid the problem returning. 

We recommend changing the filter every month when your heater or central AC is running. Then, every three months after that. This way, the problem won’t pop up in the first place. 

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Heater Needs Servicing

If your filter is clean, then it may be time to call in a professional. That’s especially so if your heater is more than a few years old. You may be experiencing a mechanical problem with the blower motor or another component. 

In these cases, the system is running when it’s supposed to turn on. But, it can’t move enough air to do the job. 

What To Do

Start with your thermostat. With any luck, it’s a simple settings problem. Make sure you’re not on “Fan Only.” With this setting, the system circulates air through your house. But, it doesn’t add any heating or cooling. So, if you’re noticing air coming through the vents but it feels weak or not warm enough, that could be the problem.

If you’ve checked this along with the filter, it’s time to call a professional to diagnose the system. 

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Ductwork Leaks

If the system is working fine, then the problem may be in the ducts. Over time, holes and other small openings can develop in your ductwork. It’s even more likely if your home is getting older and still has the original ductwork. 

In this case, the air is escaping along the way from your HVAC system to the vents. By the time it reaches a room, it’s not strong enough to do the job. 

What To Do

Start with a visual inspection of all the ductwork you can see. Are there any cracks, holes, or separations anywhere? If so, you may have found the problem. 

The standard solution is applying a sealant to the ductwork. It’s a paste that goes on just like paint. If you’re handy, you can do it yourself. But, you’ll only be able to address the ductwork you can see. There’s no way to access anything behind the walls without doing some demolition. 

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Too Much Static Pressure 

Heating Service Is A Key To A Healthy Heating System Static pressure measures the resistance air meets when it’s trying to travel through your system. Anything from the air filter to turns in the ductwork to add-ons like humidifiers can create resistance. When this happens, you get weaker and weaker circulation. 

What To Do

Once again, you’ll need a professional. But the good news is that we can check your entire ductwork system without ripping through any walls. Instead, we have two probes that can measure the static pressure from one spot. 

If this is the problem, then you have a few options. The first is ductwork sealing if we see any holes. After that, we can look at redesigning or ductwork or maybe adding a better fixture at the point where your furnace meets the ducts. 

Heater Is Too Small

Your heater needs to be sized just right for your house. If it’s too big, the system will keep turning off before it warms your home. When it’s too small, it’s not powerful enough to push enough warm air through your home no matter how long it runs. 

And, since you need that Goldilocks measurement for a system (not too large, not too small, just right), it’s possible for another HVAC company to install a wrong-sized heater and central air system for your home. 

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What To Do

If we suspect your system is too small for your home, we’ll start with a load calculation. That will tell us how many BTUs (British Thermal Units) you need for heat and what tonnage for cooling. If the system you have doesn’t provide that much, we’ll recommend a replacement. 

Even if you’re not ready to make that investment now, you should start preparing for it. An undersized heater has to work extra hard. As a result, it will burn out before its expected lifespan is up. As a result, you may be in the market for one sooner rather than later anyway. 

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