Maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor environment for your family and friends is one of your top priorities. With the summer temperatures in Lancaster, PA, so hot, that can be more challenging than usual for your air conditioner. The hotter weather can cause your AC system to malfunction, especially if you haven’t maintained it regularly. Strange sounds are usually the most obvious signs you’ll notice if you need to schedule an AC repair.


Is your air conditioner squealing while operating? It’s likely that one of the fan motors or belts is failing. There are fan motors and belts inside your air conditioner’s interior and exterior units. To ensure you find and fix the problem quickly before it worsens and causes more damage, schedule an AC repair right away.


A slight clicking sound is normal when your air conditioner turns on and off, but anything louder signals a problem. A loud clicking in your AC system often indicates a problem with its electrical components. Don’t try a DIY air conditioning repair; it could lead to injury or death. Let a qualified expert perform your AC repair.


Banging is probably the most alarming noise your air conditioner can make. If you hear your AC system making a loud banging noise, turn it off immediately. There’s likely a loose or broken part inside the air conditioner. Continuing to operate the AC system will result in more damage. As a result, you’ll pay more to repair your air conditioner.

Air conditioner noises can be worrying, especially if you fear you’ll need costly repairs or a complete replacement. Reduce your risk of paying more than needed to restore your AC system’s efficacy by scheduling an AC repair right away. Contact Air Comfort Technologies for fast and friendly help from a certified professional. We look forward to ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable through all the summer heatwaves to come.

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