Prevent Dust In Your Home (Using Your Heater & AC) In Havertown, PADust isn’t only a spring cleaning concern! Whenever you’re keeping your windows closed all the time (think the summer and winter), tiny particles build up in your home. People and pets will track in all sorts of dust and dirt. With no open windows for circulation, that junk has nowhere to go. Fortunately, your heater and AC can help get rid of it! 

In this article, we’ll focus particularly on how your heater can help prevent dust buildup. People usually think about this more in the summer because of pollen season. But, you can take some steps to make things more comfortable in the winter, too. 

A few of these strategies are DIY, while others require a professional. Either way, call or email us with any questions about the indoor air quality for your home in or around Hanover, PA. 

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Four Ways Your Heater Can Help Prevent Dust Build-Up

You can put your HVAC system to work preventing dust from building up inside over the winter by:

  1. Upgrading Your Air Filter
  2. Getting A Tune-Up
  3. Cleaning The Air Vents
  4. Getting an Air Purifier

Upgrading Your Air Filter

Dirty Air Filter HVAC Repair in Hanover, PAThe air filter is your heating and cooling system’s first line of defense against dust. That’s it’s job: to prevent those tiny particles from spreading throughout the house. Keeping yours in good shape goes a long way. Investing in an upgrade can make this process even more effective.

Let’s start with the basics: Upkeep. All you need to do to keep your filter working is change it out every month. We’ve seen some people let it go a whole season — around three months. That’s doable, but monthly is more effective.

The longer you leave it, the less effective it becomes. You end up with dust and dirt accumulation, and some of those particles will make it through. Meanwhile, a clogged filter creates air resistance, so you’re not getting the heat you want, either.

Next, you can improve the performance by upgrading from a standard screen. The stronger the filter, the smaller particles you can catch. This way, you can block pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and more.

But, check with your HVAC technician first. A filter that’s too strong also prevents air from getting through. So, you need to know how strong a screen your furnace can handle.

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Getting A Tune-Up

Annual maintenance on your heating and cooling system keeps everything running smoothly, prevents breakdowns, and even lowers your energy bills. And it helps prevent dust from building up in your home.

A tune-up is when a certified technician inspects and cleans your heater or central air system. You only need this twice a year: Once for the heater, and again for the AC. It’s inexpensive, especially compared to the cost of a repair.

But, how does it affect dust?

By the time falls rolls around, it’s been months since you turned on your heater. As a result, all sorts of dirt and tiny particles have built up inside it.

Now, when you turn it on, all that dust comes blasting out at once. And, it goes right through your vents.

You can’t clean it yourself — we’re talking about buildup on the dust and fans inside the unit. You need a professional to get in there properly and without breaking anything.

Fortunately, all the benefits you get from a tune-up make it more than worth the money. And, you can get one even if you’re already using your heating and cooling system for the season.

Cleaning The Air Vents

Clean Your Air Vents To Get Rid Of Dust In Your HouseHere’s another one you can do yourself: Before you turn on the heat for the season, clean on, around, and just inside your air vents. You’ll have some dirt and dust buildup there, especially if the central air’s been off for a while.

This is simple and quick. You can feather dust on and around the vent, then use a cleaning solution or spray. Finally, spray disinfectant through the vents. That gets rid of any bacteria or other microorganisms.

An additional step here is springing for duct cleaning. That’s when a professional does a deep clean far inside the ductwork. You can’t do this yourself — the ducts are long and not as sturdy as you’d think. You won’t get too far, and can damage something.

However, this HVAC service is rarely needed. And don’t let someone tell you otherwise!

Unless you’re experiencing severe problems and can visibly see dust buildup, a duct cleaning is unnecessary. If you can see the dust, and you’ve also noticed more severe allergies, asthma attacks, or other respiratory flare-ups, then consider it. Otherwise, save your money!

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Getting An Air Purifier

Air Purification Systems In York, PAInvesting in an air purifier will certainly eliminate dirt and dust in the air, and it’ll do much more. With the right one, your home can feel cleaner than ever before! We’re not talking about a plug-in model you buy at the store, however. Instead, you can get a much stronger appliance that connects to your HVAC system and treats the entire house.

Of course, this is a more significant investment. But, if you suffer from allergies or respiratory problems, it’s something to consider. The same goes for anyone who’s immuno-compromised or for when you really want to get serious about indoor air quality.

Most models use a combination of filter and UV or UV-C light. Remember how we said the strongest filters are too strong for your heating and cooling system? Well, these use those models. But, they also have dedicated fans and blowers to prevent air resistance.

This way, the purifier traps virtually every tiny particle that goes through the system. Then, the UV or UV-C light eradicates them. This process kills off germs, viruses, and other microorganisms.

HVAC Service in Hanover, PA

When it comes to preventing dust buildup in your home, you’ve got plenty of options. As a result, it can be hard to determine what would work best for you. That’s where we can help.

Call or email Air Comfort Technologies for HVAC service in Hanover, PA. If you haven’t gotten a tune-up yet, we recommend starting there no matter what. Then, as we learn more about your home and your concerns, we’ll help you create an individualized indoor air quality strategy just for your home.

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