How Big Is A Ductless Mini-Split In A Dover, PA Home?Ductless heating and cooling is becoming more popular here in Pennsylvania and across the country. These systems used to only work as air conditioning decades ago. But, with today’s technology, you can heat and cool your home all year with one of these systems. 

You may have heard about how much better the conditioning feels! It’s consistent and even: No hot and cold spots in the house, no drifting temperatures, and the one room that was always too hot or cold is now just right all the time. 

But, you may not be able to picture what it would look like in your home — or how much room it would take up!

We’ve gone over the benefits of these systems and how much they cost here and here

In this article, we’ll go over:

  • Three Parts Of A Mini-Split
  • How Big Is A Ductless Heat Pump? 
  • How Big Is An Air Handler?
  • Ductless Heating And Cooling Installation Examples

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What Is The Cost Of A Ductless Mini-Split In York, PA?

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Three Parts Of A Mini-Split

Ductless heating and cooling gets the name “mini-split” because it’s separated into two main components. They’re relatively small and don’t like they’re connected. In all, the three parts of the system are the:

  • Ductless Heat Pump
  • Air Handlers
  • Line Set

Ductless Heat Pump

The heat pump is the heart of the mini-split system. It’s responsible for transferring heat out of your house in the summer. In the winter, it moves enough heat from outside to keep your home warm.

This unit is the “outside” component of the mini-split. It looks like an outdoor AC condenser, but it’s much skinnier. We’ll get into the exact sizes a little later.

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Air Handlers

Air handlers are the indoor units. They draw in the air from the room they’re treating, heat or cool it, and then send it back out into the space. You have a few different options for these: High-wall mounts, low-wall mounts, and recessed ceiling cassettes.

Line Set

The line set connects the mini-split indoor and outdoor units. Since a ductless system only transfers heat and not air, you don’t need that big, bulky ductwork. Instead, we just need a line that runs refrigerant liquid in a closed loop. Then, each component has a power supply. Finally, the air handler has a condensate line that gets rid of moisture in the summer.

How Big Is A Ductless Heat Pump?

Outdoor ductless heat pumps come in two basic sizes. Generally, one is about one foot high, 30 feet wide, and less than a foot deep. Those handle mainly cooling only. A Hyper Heat model, which also heats all winter, is about twice as tall and a little thicker.

These models have side-discharge fans. Compare those to traditional AC condensers with fans that point upwards. With the fans on the side, you can put the heat pump close to your house. Or even under a deck.

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How Big Is An Air Handler?

Air Handlers Are Mounted High On The WallThe dimensions of an air handler depend on what kind you have.

High-Wall Mount Air Handler Dimensions

The high-wall mounts are the most popular types of air handlers. They’re almost three feet long, about two feet wide, and 9 inches deep. As the name implies, we install them high up on the wall, usually near a corner. They’re out of the way and usually out of sight, too.

Low-Wall Mount Air Handler Dimensions

Low-mount air handlers look a lot like the heating and air conditioning units you see in hotel rooms. But, they work differently and are much more efficient. These units mount on the wall touching the floor. They’re almost three feet high, more than two feet across, and stick out around nine inches from the wall.

Recessed Ceiling Cassette Dimensions

The dimensions of a recessed ceiling cassette aren’t as important as with the other models. That’s because, as the name implies, you don’t really see it. Most of the unit is up inside the ceiling. All you see is a vent that’s flush with the ceiling. The visible portion is less than two square feet.

Line Set Sizes

Depending on the setup, you may never see the lineset for a ductless mini-split inside the house. In many situations, we can run them behind the walls in between the rafters. In others, you’ll see a few feet of the run near the ceiling, headed outside.

The line set contains the power supply, condensate line, and refrigerant line. It’s about three inches across and two inches wide. When you see it outside, it’s about the same size as your rain gutter.

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Mini-Split Installations In Hanover, PA

For as small as these units are, you get a whole lot of power from a ductless mini-split. We can install these to keep any Hanover, PA home exceptionally comfortable no matter what the season. And, with so many customization options, you can even treat an entire house that’s never had ductwork without worrying about a lot of construction.

If you’d like to learn more about how your home can have the exact temperature you want, all the time, while spending less on your energy bills, reach out to us at Air Comfort Technologies for your free consultation!

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