This is quite a common question among homeowners. Part of what we love to do is help our customers make informed decisions when it comes to their heating and cooling needs, helping them to save money and prevent costly repairs or damage to their furnace.

It is common knowledge that regular oil changes are crucial for the life of our vehicles. When you have your oil changed by a licensed technician, they will also check the other fluids in your car, the oil filter, and the various mechanical parts to make sure everything is in good shape. They may even check your tires for you. When they are finished, they let you know what they found so you can make any needed repairs or replacements.

This is similar to having furnace maintenance performed. When you schedule regular maintenance and inspections on your furnace with Air Comfort Technologies, our technicians will check all working components of your system, like the flame sensor, ignitor, blower motor, etc. We will then report any signs of wear or damage to you so that you can avoid future failure of your system, and help you make educated decisions about how to best care for your systems.

If you would like to schedule heating repair and service in Dover, Hanover, York, or the surrounding areas, ask any questions, or receive any advice concerning your heating and cooling systems, give us a call! We are a family-owned and operated company with over 50 years of experience and we put your satisfaction and comfort first always.

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