Five Ways To Improve Summer Indoor Air Quality In York, PAThe summer’s an excellent time to enjoy the great outdoors. But, if you don’t improve your indoor air quality, your home will be much less comfortable (or healthy) than if you were outside. 

Believe it or not, the air outside is much likely cleaner than the air inside your home. You may think that’s not the case with all the outdoor pollution and climate concerns we hear about all the time.

But, according to a landmark paper from the EPA, you can have two to five times the concentration of pollutants inside than there is outside. 

The EPA also notes that Americans currently spend 90 percent of their time indoors. That makes the air quality in your home very important to your overall health. And, the good news is, it’s not that hard to make that air much, much cleaner. 

Why Is Indoor Air Quality Important?

In this article, we’ll cover: 

  • Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important In Warm Weather

  • Five Indoor Air Quality Tips For The Summer 

  • Dehumidifiers And Air Purification In York, PA 

And, if you need help making your home in and around York, PA more healthy or comfortable, reach out to us here at Air Comfort Technologies.

Indoor Air Quality

Why Indoor Air Quality Is Important In Warm Weather

Summer’s a critical time to think about your indoor air quality because three essential factors affect the air in your home: 

  • It’s More Humid Than In Colder Weather 

  • There’s A Lot Of Pollen In The Air

  • Your Windows Are Closed All The Time

Let’s see how each of these affects your health and how easy it is to breathe inside. 

It’s More Humid Than In Colder Weather 

Hot air naturally holds more moisture than cold air. That’s why it’s always way more humid in the summertime. And, that humidity does more than make you feel sweaty and sticky. It can also make it much more difficult to breathe. 

Tiny particles such as dust and pollen (more on that in a little bit) attach to water droplets in the air. That keeps them close to your nose and mouth, making them easy to breathe in. For people with respiratory concerns, including asthma and COPD, this is a big concern. And then there are seasonal allergies. 

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There’s A Lot Of Pollen In The Air

Pollen Is A Tough Allergen For So ManyLike humidity, pollen is a natural part of summer. Summer’s the season where flowers are in bloom, and pollen spreads through the air. It may be great for the environment, but it’s horrible for people with seasonal allergies

Pollen is a major allergen, and it makes the summer miserable for many people. Not only are those tiny particles everywhere. But, when it’s humid out, they’re also suspended in the air. 

Your Windows Are Closed All The Time

Here’s why indoor air quality is worse than the great outdoors: There’s nowhere for pollutants to go inside. So, they build up and cause you more of a problem. 

The concentrations of any contaminants are very diluted outside. But, once you’re running your air conditioner, your windows and doors stay closed unless someone’s coming or going. And, when people come in, they track in all sorts of pollutants that never find a way out. 

Five Indoor Air Quality Tips For The Summer

Here are five great ways to improve your indoor air quality in the summer: 

  1. Dust And Wipe Down Surfaces

  2. Change Your Air Filter

  3. Open Your Windows

  4. Use A Dehumidifier

  5. Get An Air Purifier 

We’ll start with some simple DIY strategies. Then, if you need to take things further, we’ll outline some products and more in-depth ideas. 

Dust And Wipe Down Surfaces

First, put a robust cleaning schedule into effect. The more you dust and clean, the fewer pollutants you’ll have in the house. It’s also essential to wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth. That picks up more tiny particles, such as pollen and dust, that have settled there. 

And, don’t forget windowsills and the tops of door frames! A lot of dirt and dust can settle up there, and it’s easy to forget about it when it’s out of sight. 

Change Your Air Filter

Changing An Air Filter Is The Easiest Step To Improving Indoor Air QualityYou should change the air filter in your furnace every month when you’re using the heat or air conditioning. That’s right: your central air system runs through the same furnace you use in the winter. And, in both seasons, it’s potentially moving a lot of dirt and debris through the house. 

Fortunately, your air filter is there to trap all those tiny contaminants, so they don’t keep spreading through the house. But, a clogged filter won’t do the job as well. You’ll start getting more dust, pollen, and other debris in the air if you don’t change it more often. 

Open Your Windows

We know how essential air conditioning has become, especially in July and August. But, even when it’s hot out, getting some fresh air goes a long way. Turn off your AC every so often and leave the windows open. That allows a lot of built-up air pollutants to flush out of the house. 

Use A Dehumidifier

Your air conditioner already handles dehumidification. But, since it doesn’t run all the time, moisture can build back up in your home. If humidity is an issue for you, consider a standalone model that constantly removes water vapor from the house. 

Depending on what you need, you can get a plug-in model that only treats one room. Or, you can get a whole-home dehumidifier that attaches to your HVAC system. 

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Get An Air Purifier 

Air purifiers use strong air filters, UV or UVC light, or hydro-peroxide plasma to trap and eradicate everything from pollen and dust mites to bacteria or even viruses. There are many options out there, and they range from small models that treat a small workspace to robust products that sanitize your entire home. 

Dehumidifiers And Air Purification In York, PA 

Air Comfort Technologies is here to help homeowners in South Central Pennsylvania with whole-home dehumidifiers and air purification products along with air conditioning and heater service and installations. If you’re ready to make your home in or around York, PA more healthy and comfortable, call or email us for a free consultation.

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