You would do well to schedule a tuneup for your furnace in Dover, PA, every autumn. Though this means an extra expense, the fact is that maintenance will repay you in the long run. These are the ways how a furnace tuneup can save you money:

Addresses Numerous Small Problems

From dirty coils and loose wiring to motor bearings that need oil, a furnace tuneup can address many issues unnoticeable to the untrained eye or ear. Without a tuneup, such issues can hinder airflow and make the furnace work harder to generate heat. This is why homeowners often see a spike in their monthly bills when they haven’t changed their thermostat settings.

Makes Many Furnace Repairs Unnecessary

With maintenance eliminating issues before they grow, you get to enjoy more consistent heating with fewer breakdowns. Typically, a well-maintained furnace still requires repairs every few years, but these tend to be minor in nature. Small components may need replacing now and then, but your motor, heat exchanger and other expensive parts will function well for years to come.

Lets You Put Off a Furnace Replacement

A tuneup keeps all the parts of your furnace in good working order so that they don’t put any unnecessary strain on the motor. As a result, your furnace as a whole will last longer, and you won’t need to worry about a costly replacement. Most furnaces can last at least 15 years, but oil furnaces can operate for 25 years and electric furnaces for 30 years with the proper maintenance.

Air Comfort Technologies offers a standard, preferred and premium maintenance plan to accommodate the different budgets of our customers in Dover, so call today for more information. Benefits include 24-hour priority service and various discounts. We’re a American Standard Customer Care Dealer and a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor, but we service on all furnace makes and models.

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