Have you had your annual HVAC tune-up this year? Reach out to the service pros at Air Comfort Technologies to take advantage of our limited time offer—$89.99 for a FULL system maintenance service AND safety inspection!

At Air Comfort Technologies, our team takes a comprehensive approach to our maintenance services. As long-time HVAC professionals, we know very well the pivotal role that a good maintenance routine plays in ensuring your system performs optimally and avoids the common pitfalls that lead to untimely breakdowns and repairs.

What Are the Benefits of Heating and Cooling Maintenance?

So what’s the big deal about maintenance? When you seek service routinely you gain advantages like:

  • Better HVAC performance. A properly cared for heating and cooling system is far more capable of keeping up with the wild weather we routinely deal with in York and Central Pennsylvania.
  • A more efficient system. When your system is clean, well-lubricated, and calibrated correctly, it gets the job done faster and more smoothly, directly translating into saved energy or fuel.
  • Fewer repairs. It’s no exaggeration or joke to say that the vast majority of repairs our team performs could have been avoided with regular maintenance services.
  • A longer system lifespan. HVAC systems are a vital part of staying comfortable., but they’re also a pretty noteworthy investment. You want your system to last the 10-15 years that it’s supposed to, and maintenance service is a crucial part of making that happen.

Remember that maintenance is always best when sought routinely! To ensure our clients have the opportunity to take full advantage of the value of maintenance, we offer a full-service maintenance program that not only offers seasonal tune-ups but also offers other perks and benefits for members, too!